Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clearing Off The Walls!

It's sample sale time! And this time, I really am taking prints down and tossing them out! I have the hardest time tossing them into the dumpster but I know it has to be done. My studio cannot hold everything I wish I could keep!

So, before I start tossing things out, here's your chance to buy them... kind of a last chance sale I guess. Please let me know asap if you want to purchase a print and I'll mark it sold!

5x30 collage of Macy  Regular price $134  Sale Price $85

16x20 collage & frame
Regular price $229
Sample Sale Price $175

sample sale for print only:

16x24 canvas
Regular Price $200  Sale Price $90

16x20 print only
Sale Price $60

Sample Sale Price $45 for collage only

16x20 canvas only
Sample Sale Price $100

16x20 Canvas
Sample Sale Price $125

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