Thursday, June 24, 2010

Portrait Parties Are Back!

Bring your play group and SAVE

I know moms with young children are always looking for something fun and different to keep the kids busy (I certainly am!). Summer can be tough because they are home and you can quickly run out of options to entertain short attention spans.

Play groups are a wonderful relief for parents and children as it gets them out of the house and around other moms and kids. I started thinking about all this and a great idea hit me - Portrait Parties! Ok, so this isn't a new concept and those of you who knew me five years ago know exactly what I'm talking about. This summer I am bringing them back with a twist!

Plan to bring your play group to the studio one afternoon and we'll do a mini session with each child. Pack some snacks to enjoy after your session and by the time you are finished eating and playing, your previews will be ready for you to view! You can place your order before you leave.

Portrait Parties are best with 3-6 moms participating. If you have more in your group, we can talk about options to accommodate everyone. Each party is only $50 (up to 6 guests) and you can expect about 5 previews per child.

Talk to all your friends TODAY and start making plans for a Portrait Party play date!

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