Friday, March 18, 2011

Special Delivery

I had two moms pick up their orders yesterday but before they did, I photographed part of each order so I can brag on them!

These two pieces are just beautiful! 

The right frame can really make your portrait stand out.  This is an 11x14 linen finish print with a 4 inch wide custom frame. That is one gorgeous frame :) It really made the boys portrait go from cute, to a wonderful heirloom that will hang on the walls for years and years.

This is a 20 inch canvas collage! This little cutie's images look so great grouped together and the canvas quality really makes it stunning.

I know it's hard to tell how impressive these pieces are, but believe me, these mommas made some great picks! I hope they enjoy their portraits and receive compliments on their beautiful children for years to come.

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