Friday, March 7, 2014

Special Delivery

Beautiful. Amazing. Those are the only words I can get to come out.
Back in December, I had the wonderful pleasure of being with Jordan and Cody for the birth of their sweet daughter, Hazel. Jordan and I planned during the weeks leading up to her delivery - all the possibilities, the things that would be going on that day, and the photographs that she would like. Well, in the end, everything turned out imperfectly perfect! :) Hazel gave us a small scare (very small) so there wasn't an opportunity for mom and dad to told her for a few hours. My heart was broken for them as I stood there, watching their precious baby whisked away with mom only getting a glance of her. But, Daddy had a watchful eye on her the whole time. And he took such good care of Jordan. You want to know a kind, generous, sweet, thoughtful, amazing couple? In my opinion, here they are (and I won't say which traits belong to whom).


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